Because every couple is different, we include an engagement session with all our packages. We consider this time an investment in the success of your wedding photography. This is a time to get acquainted and for us to discover what makes the two of you unique and special. Our goal is to create fun and romantic images and more importantly develop a relationship and the confidence necessary to guarantee exceptional photography on your wedding day and your wedding photo booth.
Illustrative Photography
If you are like most brides you have been dreaming of and planning the perfect wedding since you were a small child. Your wedding day is more than a simple event it is the fulfillment of a fantasy. Illustrative photography goes beyond documenting your wedding experience to a place where creativity and artistry are limited only by your imagination.

There are few truly remarkable moments we are blessed with in our time on this earth. Your wedding day will be one of the most passionate, emotional experiences of your life. Your declaration of love for one another, the uniting of your two families and the joy as your loved ones celebrate the beginning of your new life together will only last for a few moments. That’s why your wedding photography must be more than just snapshots, more than mere pictures.

We started photographing weddings because we felt there should be more integrity and passion in the images created by wedding photographers. I remember looking through our wedding album and wondering why the fun and excitement of our celebration was not there.

After talking to photographers across the country we discovered that our photographic vision didn’t fit an existing style, so we decided to look at everything in a new way, as Wedding Documentarians.

Our goal is to break the photojournalism, traditional and fine-art mold and combine the best of all of these styles. Ultimately we strive to create a visual narrative that makes a statement about your unique personalities  and captures the authentic emotions, style and elegance of your special day.

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